Digital advertising is changing so fast that by the time you finish reading this description many things may have evolved, disappeared or been invented.

The main cores of our digital strategies are search, email, display, and social. While organic search is extremely important, a targeted paid strategy can also pay big dividends in having high quality traffic to your website. We define high quality using analytics to measure some key metrics. Time on site, bounce rate, and page views are some metrics, and also a very popular metric: conversion!

Email blasts to your customer base are virtually vital and required to stay in front of people’s minds. This is also very cost effective because the customers have already done business with you and therefore opted in to receive communication. Prospect email blasts can also show a great return of getting new people to your website to investigate new and used inventory, specials, or maybe even remind them to make a service appointment. As with many digital products, the advantage here is being able to be in front of people in the zips you want to target.

Display has evolved from being strictly banner ads to being enriched, video, mobile, and even apps. Someone has to pay for all those free app downloads. It could be you. Enriched ads allow some creativity in prime spaces on frequently trafficked websites, like where people go to get their online news. Video is growing rapidly with YouTube, internet TV, Hulu, Netflix, OnDemand services. You can now be in front of people by zip instead of a zone or an entire DMA and still show them your commercials. Finally, mobile screens are becoming big enough to make a decent pitch through display, whether it be banners, videos, or through apps. Everyone is carrying a phone now, and it's a great way to show your brand and communicate offers to prospective customers.

And last but not least, social advertising has become the rage. It's a very slippery slope because someone has to pay for these services so the consumer can continue to enjoy them for free, but people do not want to be inundated with ads. We suggest creating and claiming your pages on the major sites. If you need to know the major sites, find a 14-18 year old and ask them. Then post content that has more to do with community than your business. It makes your business seem more human and relatable. I don't care that you're having a sale, but if you do a pet adoption one weekend, it may cause me to consider you when purchasing your product next time I need or want it.

The key to digital is targeting. Geographically, contextually, behaviorally, and many other -ally’s. You can go find your customers, and find new customers like them very economically. Just be careful not to use normal conventional advertising retailers to do it for you. Newspaper, TV, radio, and cable were late to the game in the digital world and are catching up quickly but charging way too much for it. We can help you find a strategy for any budget and target more customers with less management fees.