Direct mail can still be used by retailers to target customers that might not be reached any other way. Mail is also still effective at presenting a unique message that causes action, or a direct response.

Even though postage costs continue to rise, printing costs have remained reasonable and technology has made personalization even easier. Variable information can be printed on each individual mailer. Handwriting printers use real ink pens to give the undetectable impression that the mail is handwritten, yet they can be done in much less time.

The list is still the most important thing and while many people opt out of credit lists, vehicle information lists, etc, you can still reach everyone in a cariier route with a saturation mail piece.

Tropacaval Media has the creative capabilities, printing capabilities, and mailing capabilities for just about any direct mail piece. Mail can be done quicker than most people think as well and is extremely effective around holidays and big sale months. Its no wonder that event sale companies still use mail as their primary medium to make a quick splash in business.

Direct mail should be a staple in any balanced advertising campaign especially as TV, radio, and digital become more segmented.