Billboard marketing or outdoor marketing is changing with the development of digital and LED boards that can accommodate multiple screen shots, video, and even multiple advertisers. This has many pros and a few cons, but adds another dimension to keeping billboard art current.

The biggest mistake made by most advertisers with outdoor advertising is trying to fit too much info on the billboard. What looks good on a computer screen right in front of you may not be very legible 40-60 feet in the air and only visible from 50-100 yards. A potential customer can only process 5-7 images or words when driving 55-75 MPH down the road so its important to get rid of the waste and focus only on your message.

When is the last time you called a phone number on a billboard? Do you remember the address of the place on the last billboard you saw?

So what is importnat is the business name, any current offer you have that can be said in few words, and your website URL. And if you are good with your business in the search world, you dont even need the URL.

Frequency helps. You can spend thousands on the “right” location with lots of road traffic, but what happens when there are detours and construction? What is across the street that may catch the eye better? Its scary to only look at your billboard on a computer screen. Someone has to physically drive by it and see it during the day and night to see if its readable. Another strategy is to buy several smaller boards and rotate your messaging. Digital boards make this strategy much easier.

Some will say billboards are dead like newspaper is dying. Our question is why do they keep building them? Tropacaval can come up with a good billboard strategy that improves employee morale AND gets customers to your website and brick and mortar location.