Radio can be a very effective frequency medium to drive your message to the consumer.  Several key components can make or break radio advertising.  First is the buy.  Are we reaching the correct demographic?  How many times will an average radio listener on a station hear the spot?  How many spots do we buy?  What time of day do we buy those spots?  What should we pay for those spots?  DO I have to be on the #1 station in each market?
As you can see, there are several questions that need to be answered before you even record the commercial.  Tropacaval Media can help you answer all those questions to maximize your ad spend.  Then the fun starts!

Copywriting is composed of identifying the offer or message, making sure the listener knows what company is advertising (some commercials forget to even say the name of the advertiser, eeks), and finally creative writing that grabs attention.  Then we will also make sure your spots ran on time and on the days they were supposed to, make sure you received balanced vertical and horizontal traffic, and reconcile your billing to eliminate any errors to save you money.
Traditional radio being AM and FM are still found in every car on the road and local radio is sometimes the only way to reach customers in the appropriate demo.  Satellite radio is on the rise, but is still mostly subscription based and can be expensive because it is a national message.  Finally digital radio is up and coming with 3-4 avenues and is a good way to cover specific zips without having to pick stations or worry about advertising to people that don’t live in the area you want to cover.

We make sure to include a URL or preferably a vanity URL to help track visits to your website from radio commercials.  With most radio listeners able to search your business or go to your mobile site immediately, it is important to have good info on a mobile site and/or your google plus page to help complete the marketing bridge.  Also, click to call features can enhance the effectiveness of a radio campaign.

From fifteen second spots, thirty, and even sixty, Tropacaval Media can make an economic, but aggressive buy, write and produce response oriented radio spots, and effectively drive traffic to a website and/or store front.  With digital radio peeking on the horizon, radio will continue to be an effective form of advertising and we can execute a strategy that will pay off for you.