TV is one of the most popular advertising mediums because everyone watches it right? Not necessarily. The segmentation created by on demand, satellite, cable, HD and standard broadcast, and now a dozen plus ways to watch online video have made “TV” or “television” a little different animal.

That being said, TV is still a great way to get out your message. It is visual and auditory which makes it very unique since most mediums are visual only or auditory only. TV can be affordable in most markets because the targeting has become much better. While its still primarily a reach medium, you can increase frequency by targeting the right demo fro your company or product.

Also, TV has the flexibility of format. Standard Def is quickly evolving to High Def, but short and long format spots are still available. Production can be copied and used across several video mediums.

Production can also be a major hindrance for doing video, but Tropacaval Media has a couple sources that can handle all of the details, along with an efficient media buyer that can make sure your commercial is beng seen by the right people at the right time as often as budget will allow.

Television should really now be called video with the introduction of Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and more options online. This also makes it more targetable and more affordable. So even though “TV” may be something your company could not participate in because of budget, it may now be something that can better be used to fit more customer’s needs.